Gemini Cocktail & Candle Making Kit- Invisible Friend

Gemini Cocktail & Candle Making Kit- Invisible Friend

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Embrace the call of the zodiac with this Gemini- themed cocktail & candle making kit- Invisible Friend.

This kit contains everything you need to make:

  • 2x Vintage & Vetiver candles 
  • 2x Espresso Martini cocktails
  • 2x Penicillin cocktails 

Your candle-making kit will be delivered directly to your door. Tell your mate, plan a date, or just find the right night in your busy schedule to make a mess in the kitchen. All you'll need is some ice, a thermometer, and one lemon!

Espresso Martini • Russian Standard Vodka, Tia Maria, Vanilla & Espresso 17.8% ABV
Penicillin • (Not vegan- contains honey)Bourbon Whiskey, Black Bottle Scotch, Honey, Ginger & Lemongrass 19.1% ABV- Contains sulphites

PS. Looking for the personal touch? Build your own unique kit here!

This product is for over 18's only.

Alcohol- Free options are also available- please add a note when ordering if you'd like AF cocktails.

What´s in the box

All our kits contain: glass jars •hand-made cocktails • cruelty-free vegan coconut wax • eco-wicks • wick holders • your chosen fragrance oils • candle labels • cocktail garnishes • instructions • optional thermometer• a QR link to a spotify playlist of red-hot spicy tunes. You'll just need some lemon, lime & ice!