Let's light a lil' fire, baby...

Nothing says fun like an organised activity- so to really get you in the mood for your Cocktails By Candlelight experience, here's what you need to prepare!

Step 1: You'll need some stuff!
To melt your wax, you'll need something to melt the wax in.

If you're fancy, you can use a double boiler pan. If you have no idea what that is, then get yourself a regular saucepan and a pyrex bowl to sit on top.Ever melt chocolate for a cake? Yeah- like that.

Double up if you're making two different fragranced candles.

You'll also want some:
Nice glasses for your cocktails
Something to shake a cocktail in (protein shaker or big jar is great)
A juicer (slice lemon in half and jam a spoon in the middle also works)
A thermometer (we sell these cheap if you forgot to get one!)

Step 2: Spicy Bangers

Scan the QR code above in your Spotify app (click search and then the little photo icon) to get a fiery playlist of hot hits and classic slow burners to set the mood.
(alternatively: click here)

Step 3: Make those cocktails!

Follow the cheeky video above for tips on how to shake your cocktails to perfection.
Don't forget to add the lemon or lime if your cocktail needs it, and be sure to take a snap and tag @cocktailsbycandlelight on instagram!

Stargazer/ Meltdown Martini/ Penicillin- Needs a lemon
Spicy Watermelon Margarita-Needs a Lime
Espresso Martini/ Negroni- Nothing needed!