How it works..

All of our cosmic cocktails come in double helpings,  so you get to prepare 4 rocking drinks at home. Vegan, long-lasting, and expertly crafted, you'll also get fresh lemons and limes for perfectly balanced freshness. No chemicals here, pal.

Taking inspiration from the stars, pick 2 of our 12 deliciously-scented candles to make at home - each one playfully inspired by the personality types of the zodiac- and using only fully vegan, cruelty-free ingredients.

Tell your mate, plan a date, or just find the right night in your busy lockdown schedule to make a mess in the kitchen.​We’ll send you a video how-to for perfecting your star-crossed cocktails at home, and a fiery Spotify playlist to set the mood and align the stars.  

What's Included

All our kits contain: glass jars •hand-made cocktails • fresh citrus fruit • cruelty-free vegan coconut wax • eco-wicks • wick holders • your chosen fragrance oils • candle labels • cocktail garnishes • instructions • a QR link to a spotify playlist of red-hot spicy tunes

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