Cocktails by Candlelight Kits

Cocktails by candlelight is a kit that allows you to make 2 scented candles and 4 fresh cocktails. It’s a perfect kit for a date night, a night with friends, or an evening of self-care doing some crafting and cocktails!

Each jar is 180ml. Each jar holds 2 x 90ml servings. Once mixed with lemon/lime, and shaken with ice to add dilution, most servings are around 120-150ml. Our cocktails servings are the same size and strength as you will find in your favorite cocktail bars!

All our cocktails are handmade using long-life ingredients. To ensure they last a long time, we provide fresh lemons and limes separately that need to be juiced and added to some of our cocktails when it comes time to drink them. Follow the instructions on the cocktail lid.
To enjoy them at their best, we recommend keeping them stored in the fridge so they are always ready to drink, and consuming within 4 weeks. If you are keeping them this long, you might need to get some fresh lemons/limes. Dont leave them in the box too long, or they may spoil, which may damage the box contents.

We work with mutliple wax suppliers ( candles are mad popular right now and different suppliers go in and out of stock) , but all of our waxes are varying blend of coconut and soy. Soy is suitable for most allergy sufferers, as soy allergies are triggered by the digestive process.
Cocktail allergens are here.
Health and Safety data sheets for wax and fragrance oils are here.
Most importantly, do not ingest the fragrance oils! They are for your candles only. You will have a very bad time if you ingest fragrance oil. In case of accidental ingestion, contact 999 and cite the information on the relevant datasheet.

You’ll need some glasses for your cocktails, something to shake your cocktails (a protein shaker or big jar is great), and ice. Most of our cocktails need a lemon or lime to finish them off. We don't include fresh fruit in the box so you can keep your kits until you're ready to party!

For the candles, you’ll need a double boiler pan to melt the wax. If you haven’t got one, a pan with a pyrex bowl on top will be fine. Like you are melting chocolate for a cake. You’ll also need a thermometer- we sell these!


We pack and ship parcels Monday-Friday. We’re a small operation but we aim to get your order in the post within 48-72 hours.

We send everything using tracked 48, which normally takes 3-5 days, though can take longer due to Royal Mail being a bit understaffed this year. If it’s running late, we’ll help track, but real talk: we can’t do much to speed it up once Royal Mail's got it! Blame Boris.

Sadly, due to restrictions on sending cocktails by post, we can currently only ship alcohol to UK addresses.

Nope, soz- boxes are a bit too big. Unless you’ve got a well big letterbox.

Absolutely- for any large or corporate inquiries, please get in contact with

Rarely, the sorting machines that Royal Mail use, combined with some indelicate handling, means the pristine packages we send sometimes arrive lookingly like they just got dragged through a hedge. All our glass jars are bubble wrapped, but even that can only do so much if they have been dropped.
If a parcel arrives damaged for any reason, you can either refuse it to the postman, or take a photo and send it us at and we'll get you a fresh kit sent out straight away!

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